• Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements
    We’ve installed a technical update of the client to improve the stability of the game. Everyone needs to download the update through the launcher @news
  • Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements
    We’ve installed a technical update of the client with a fix for the issue with sounds of sidestep and inability to use items from containers in crafting. Everyone needs to download the update through the launcher. @news
  • Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements
    Fixed: Fixed various exploits for leveling skills Fixed invisible obstacles on Shoreline Fixed a bug when a message about the unavailability of goods would be shown above the list of offers on the flea market Fixed elevator extraction on Lab Fixed a bug which allowed to use parts of an equipped weapon for production in the hideout Fixed a bug which wouldn’t let the character run even though there is available stamina for it Fixed a bug which caused Error 228 when folding stock on the message screen Fixed sound overlapping and changed siren sounds on Interchange Weapon modding interface now has no limits on 21;9 screen format Some pop-ups now appear in the middle of the screen Strength skill now gives an additional bonus for sprint Fixed a bug which wouldn’t allow a player to fold a stock of a gun when he had melee weapon in his hands Fixed a bug which caused the main menu to not open because of an error Fixed a bug with quest progress not being shown properly in following raids Fixed an error which could occur while completing “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” and “Mentor” quests Fixed texture of CAA RS47 handguard Fixed a bug which caused an inability to crouch when having max overweight Fixed a bug with inability to pick up items when wearing Slim Field Med Pack backpack Fixed a bug with missing items when upgrading the pre-order package Fixed a bug which caused a player to get stuck on a loading screen when canceling matching Fixed Error 228 which occurred when you would try to put an item in the cells which were occupied by items recently used in crafting Fixed a bug when weapon preset wouldn’t get saved when returning to preset screen Various minor bugfixes Changed: Added heavy breathing when the character is out of stamina (sounds of heavy breathing and shaking hands) Lowered the weight needed for leveling strength skill. Strength starts to level from 48.75 kg, until this level – the endurance skill will be leveled.
  • Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements
    Dear Escapers! The installation of the patch for Escape From Tarkov is complete. You can download it through the game launcher. As always, if you will encounter any bugs or issues please report them to our support center through the game launcher. Strength and Endurance skills of those players who were able to level it up to high levels or to max level have been reset.
  • Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements
    Dear Escapers! The installation of the patch for Escape From Tarkov is complete. You can download it through the game launcher. As always, if you will encounter any bugs or issues please report them to our support center through the game launcher. Strength and Endurance skills of those players who were able to level it up to high levels or to max level have been reset.
  • Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements
    Installation of the update is extended for 1 hour from planned schedule due to unforeseen technical problems. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. @news
  • Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements
    The installation of the patch has begun! The game will be unavailable for 2 hours. @news
  • Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements
    Today, at 11:15 Moscow time, we plan to start installation of the technical game update for Escape from Tarkov, which is aimed on backend servers improvement. We plan to complete it within two hours – during this time the game will be unavailable.
  • Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements
    Sorry about game failure which is going on partially right now – we sent to every player appreciation package with some items and the amount of players wanted to check it overloaded login server. We are working on resolving this issue @news
Tarkov Helper App |  Factory map
Tarkov Helper App | Woods map
Tarkov Helper App | Customs map
Tarkov Helper App | Shoreline resort building map
Tarkov Helper App | Shoreline spawns, exits, and loot
Tarkov Helper App | Shoreline key and card loot spawns
Tarkov Helper App | Interchange whole map all floors current
Tarkov Helper App | Interchange whole map all floors current
Tarkov Helper App | Interchange hidden stashes outside
Tarkov Helper App |  Reserve map
Tarkov Helper App | Labs all in one map
Effectiveness Shots/Armor
Don’t expect to kill someone through that armor0Pointless20+Can’t penetrate in any reasonable amount of hits
1It’s Possible, But…13 to 20Typically doesn’t penetrate at all for a large number of hits, or starts with a very low chance and barely increases
2Magdump Only9 to 13Has a very low or no penetration chance intially and very slowly gains chance
That armor will stop quite a few of your bullets3Slightly Effective5 to 9Has a low penetration chance intially and slowly gains chance, or quickly damages armor until it penetrates
4Effective3 to 5Starts with a low-medium penetration chance but quickly increases
Has no problems against that armor5Very Effective1 to 3Penetrates a large percent of the time intially, often quickly going to >90%
6Basically Ignores<1Initially penetrates >80% of the time
Ammo Type Damage Pen Value Armor Damage % Frag. Chance* Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Class 6 Notes
12 Gauge Shot5.25mm Buckshot341150%3333338 Pellets
8.5mm Buckshot “Magnum”442260%3333338 Pellets
6.5mm Buckshot “Express”293260%3333339 Pellets
7mm Buckshot323260%3333338 Pellets
Flechette1928260%6665548 Darts, the armor damage is pretty high and with 8 total darts, it destroys armor very quickly
12 Gauge SlugsRIP Slug235011100%000000Because it has less than 20 pen, even though it has a 100% fragment chance, it can’t fragment
Superformance HP Slug19021239%000000^ This is true of all ammo under 20 pen
Grizzly 40 Slug170124812%620000
HP Copper Sabot Premier160134638%620000
Led Slug147154520%641000
Dual Sabot Slug75176510%6520002 Slugs
Slug “Poleva-3”130174020%651000
FTX Custom Lite Slug153185010%651000
Slug “Poleva-6u” 140205015%662000
Shell With .50 BMG (Tracer)17723575%663100
AP 20 Slug16432653%666310
20 Gauge5.6mm Buckshot251120%3333338 Pellets
6.2mm Buckshot212130%3333338 Pellets
7.5mm Buckshot243140%3333338 Pellets
7.3mm Buckshot223130%3333339 Pellets
Devastator Slug188413100%100000
Slug “Poleva-3”110143520%620000
Star Slug134164210%651000
Slug “Poleva-6u” 120174015%651000
P gzh5051625%200000
PSO gzh5451335%200000
PS gs PPO5561625%300000
PRS gs5861630%300000
PPE gzh6171535%400000
PPT gzh5982217%510000
PST gzh50122620%610000
RG028 gzh6513262%620000
BZT gzh55162817%641000
P Gl58103225%610000
T Gzh (Tracer)60123417%610000
Pst gzh50243620%663100
PSO gzh56103225%610000
Luger CCI70103825%620000
Green Tracer58143315%631000
PST gzh54183315%651000
AP 6.35225485%664200
5.7×28 mmr37f9887100%400000
l191 (Tracer)58334120%666311
4.6×30 mmAction SX65133950%621000
FMJ SX43304120%666311
Subsonic SX41344620%666431
AP SX35474610%666654
5.45×39 mmSP68113445%610000
T (Tracer)57203816%661000
BT (Tracer)44374916%666531
5.56×45 mmWarmage8531490%100000
M856 (Tracer)55233433%663100
M856A1 (Tracer)51375233%666531
7.62×39 mmHP83153526%641000
T45M (Tracer)62314612%666321
7.62×51 mmUltra Nosler102152070%640000
BPZ FMJ88313325%666200
TPZ SP60364020%666520
M62 (Tracer)79547514%666665
7.62x54RT-46M (Tracer)82418318%666643
7BT1 (Tracer)7859878%666666
12.7×55 mmps12a165102270%600000
Mounted Weapons30mm Grenade1991950%000000This has an explosion radius like grenades which does most (all) of the damage
12.7x108mm Tracer199809517%666666
DebutEliminationKill 5 Scavs at CustomsHand over 2 MP-133 pump-action shotguns+600 EXPPrapor Rep +0.085,000 RoublesPM 9x18PM pistol3x 90-93 9x18PM Magazine, for 8 PM roundsUnlocks purchase of Kalashnikov AKS-74U 5.45×39 at LL1
CheckingPickUpFind the bronze pocket watch(Optional) Find the key to the tank truckHand over the bronze pocket watch to Prapor+800 EXPPrapor Rep +0.054,000 RoublesTT pistol 7.62×25 TT3x TT-105 7.62×25 TT Magazine
Shootout picnicEliminationNeutralize 15 Scavs on Woods+2,000 EXPPrapor Rep +0.16,000 RoublesKalashnikov AKS-74U 5.45×393x 6L20 30-round 5.45×39 magazine for AK-74 and compatible weapons
Delivery from the pastPickUpFind a secure case in the Tarcone Director’s Office at the Customs terminalLeave the case in the Factory swing room, on 2nd floor of shop 3Survive and exit Factory location+4,100 EXPPrapor Rep +0.1112,000 RoublesSaiga 12ga ver. 10 12/76 shotgun3x Sb.5 5-round 12/76 magazine for SOK-12 and compatible weaponsUnlocks purchase of 5.45×39 mm PS at LL1
BP depotDiscoverMark fuel tank №1 with beacon on CustomsMark fuel tank №2 with beacon on CustomsMark fuel tank №3 with beacon on CustomsMark fuel tank №4 with beacon on CustomsSurvive and leave the area+2,900 EXPPrapor Rep +0.08Jaeger Rep -0.018,000 Roubles3x RGD-5 hand grenade
Bad rep evidencePickUpFind secure folder 0031 in a bunkhouse on Customs(Optional) Gain access to the closed room in the Factory offices(Optional) Find the bunkhouse keyHand over secure folder 0031 to PraporSurvive and exit Customs location+4,200 EXPPrapor Rep +0.116,000 RoublesPP-9 Klin 9x18PMM SMG3x Standard 9x18PM 30-round magazine for PP-91Unlocks purchase of Zenit-Belomo PSO 1M2-1 4×24 scope at LL2
Ice cream conesPickUpFind 6 60-round mags for AK(Optional) Find the key from the bunker in the Terragroup employee room(Optional) Locate the right bunker in the WoodsHand over 6 60 round mags for AK to Prapor+5,400 EXPPrapor Rep +0.0817,000 Roubles3x 60-round 6L31 5.45×39 magazine for AK-74 and compatibles100x 5.45×39 mm BPUnlocks barter for 60-round 6L31 5.45×39 magazine for AK-74 and compatibles at LL2
Postman Pat – Part 1PickUpFind a letter on a messenger in the FactorySurvive and exit Factory locationHand over the letter to Therapist+6,000 EXPPrapor Rep +0.0819,000 RoublesFlyye MBSS Backpack
Shaking up tellerPickUpFind something valuable in the dorm room 203(Optional) Gain access to room 214Hand over the item to Prapor+6,100 EXPPrapor Rep +0.08Jaeger Rep -0.0122,000 RoublesUnlocks purchase of PBS-4 5.45×39 Silencer at LL3Unlocks purchase of Hexagon 12K sound suppressor at LL2
The Punisher – Part 1EliminationKill 15 Scavs at the Shoreline using AKM series weapon+10,800 EXPPrapor Rep +0.0840,000 Roubles6B43 Zabralo-Sh 6A ArmorUnlocks purchase of SV-98 bolt-action sniper rifle at LL3
The Punisher – Part 2EliminationKill 12 Scavs at the Shoreline using a suppressed weaponFind in raid 10 Lower half-masksHand masks over to Prapor+13,900 EXPPrapor Rep +0.170,000 Roubles
The Punisher – Part 3EliminationKill 25 Scavs on Customs using AKS-74U+12,400 EXPPrapor Rep +0.08Skier Rep +0.052,500 DollarsDVL-10 Saboteur sniper rifle
The Punisher – Part 4EliminationKill 10 Scavs in Woods using 12 gauge shotgunsKill 10 PMCs on Shoreline while wearing a balaclava and a scav vest.Find 10 Bars A-2607 knivesHandover knives to Prapor+19,000 EXPPrapor Rep +0.12Jaeger Rep -0.01Colt M4A1 5.56×45 Assault Rifle100,000 RoublesUnlocks purchase of 5.45×39 mm BT at LL3
The Punisher – Part 5PickUpFind 3 AK-74NHandover AK-74N rifles to PraporFind 3 M4A1 assault riflesHandover M4A1 rifles to PraporFind 5 PM pistolsHandover pistols to PraporKill 10 PMC operatives. You must be wearing a PACA vest and 6b47 helmet+19,300 EXPPrapor Rep +0.125,000 DollarsPistol caseDocuments caseUnlocks purchase of 7.62×39 mm BP at LL3
The Punisher – Part 6EliminationKill 15 PMC operators. You must use SVDBring 10 PMC USEC dogtagsHand over 10 PMC USEC dogtagsBring 10 PMC BEAR dogtagsHand over 10 PMC BEAR dogtags+20,600 EXPPrapor Rep +0.12Skier Rep +0.06Therapist Rep +0.15250,000 RoublesSecure container Epsilon
Polikhim hoboEliminationKill 25 Scavs on Customs+7,000 EXPPrapor Rep +0.117,000 Roubles4x F-1 Hand grenade
Big customerCompletionFind a transport with chemicalsMark the chemical transport with a beaconSurvive and extract Customs+8,200 EXPPrapor Rep +0.1Jaeger Rep -0.01200,000 RoublesPACA Soft Armor
No offencePickUpFind 10 M67 grenadesHandover grenades to PraporPrapor Rep +0.4
GrenadierEliminationKill 12 PMC’s with grenades+21,300 EXP50,000 Roubles7x F-1 Hand grenade240x 5.45×39 mm BTUnlocks barter for 8 pcs pack of 9×39 7N12 BP ammo at LL4
Perfect mediatorSkillReach 4-th level of standing with RagmanReach 4-th level of standing with SkierReach 4-th level of standing with MechanicReach 4-th level of standing with PeacekeeperReach 4-th level of standing with PraporReach 4-th level of standing with Therapist+17,200 EXPPrapor Rep +0.955,000 RoublesT H I C C Weapon case
InsomniaEliminationKill 30 PMC’s during nighttime (23 to 04)+18,500 EXP85,000 Roubles3x PNV-10T Night Vision3x 2P Klesch flashlight + laser designator
Test drive – Part 1EliminationKill 20 PMC’s using an M1A with a Hybrid 46 silencer and a Trijicon REAP-IR thermal scope+31,000 EXPPrapor Rep +0.12300,000 Roubles2x RPK-16 5.45×39 light machine gun6x 95-round 5.45×39 magazine for RPK-16 and compatibles5x Golden neck chain
Regulated materialsPickUpFind in raid military batteryHandover military batteryFind in raid 10 30-mil. shells for BMP cannonHandover 10 30-mil. shells for BMP cannon150,000 RoublesUnlocks the trade of ASh-12 12.7×55 assault rifle at LL4
ShortagePickUpFind 5 Salewa kitsHand over 5 Salewa kits to Therapist+500 EXPTherapist Rep +0.0710,000 Roubles4x Analgin painkillers4x AI-2 medikit4x Immobilizing splint
Sanitary Standards – Part 1PickUpFind in raid gas analyzer(Optional) Get access to the pumping station at the FactoryHand over the gas analyzer to Therapist+2,200 EXPTherapist Rep +0.0914,000 Roubles2x Car first aid kitUnlocks purchase of Car first aid kit at LL1
Sanitary Standards – Part 2CompletionHand over the Gas analyzers to Therapist+4,500 EXPTherapist Rep +0.0918,000 Roubles
Operation Aquarius – Part 1PickUpFind hidden water in the dormSurvive and extract Customs+3,400 EXPTherapist Rep +0.09Skier Rep -0.0814,000 Roubles8x 0.6L water bottle
Operation Aquarius – Part 2EliminationEliminate 15 Scavs on Customs+3,400 EXPTherapist Rep +0.09Skier Rep -0.0815,000 Roubles3x Army bandageUnlocks purchase of Army bandage at LL2
PainkillerPickUpFind in raid 5 morphine syringesHand the syringes over to Therapist+4,600 EXPTherapist Rep +0.0917,000 Roubles10x Analgin painkillers
PharmacistPickUpFind a case with the device(Optional) Find the paramedic’s car(Optional) Get into dorm room 114Hand over the case to Therapist+5,900 EXPTherapist Rep +0.0925,000 Roubles4x IFAK personal tactical first aid kitUnlocks barter for 6B47 Helmet with cover (flora digital) at Ragman LL2
Supply plansPickUpFind the secure folder on the sawmillSurvive and exit Woods locationHand over the folder to Therapist+7,700 EXPTherapist Rep +0.0970,000 Roubles
General waresCompletionFind in raid 15 cans of meatHand the cans over to Therapist+5,000 EXPTherapist Rep +0.074x Can of pacific saury2x Iskra lunch box
Car repairPickUpFind in raid 4 car batteriesFind in raid 8 spark plugsHand car batteries over to TherapistHand spark plugs over to Therapist+7,600 EXPTherapist Rep +0.081,500 Dollars2x Grizzly First Aid Kit
Health Care Privacy – Part 1DiscoverMark 1st ambulanceMark 2nd ambulanceMark 3rd ambulanceSurvive and exit the location+6,500 EXPTherapist Rep +0.0722,000 Roubles2x IFAK personal tactical first aid kitUnlocks purchase of IFAK personal tactical first aid kit at LL3
Health Care Privacy – Part 2DiscoverGather info on the fate of the Terragroup researchHand over info on the fate of the Terragroup researchSurvive and exit the location+8,600 EXPTherapist Rep +0.0924,000 Roubles4x Salewa FIRST AID KIT
Health Care Privacy – Part 3DiscoverFind the car that belonged to the head of the Medical ServicePick up the blood sampleHand over the blood sampleSurvive and exit the location+9,400 EXPTherapist Rep +0.0926,000 Roubles2x Morphine injectorUnlocks purchase of Morphine injector at LL4
Health Care Privacy – Part 4SkillIncrease Health skill level to 4+10,200 EXPTherapist Rep +0.0929,000 Roubles2x Grizzly First Aid Kit
Health Care Privacy – Part 5MultiLocate the drop spot in the nighttime in FactoryObtain 3 packs of gunpowder and leave them in the designated spot+13,300 EXPTherapist Rep +0.135,000 RoublesMeds case
Postman Pat – Part 2PickUpHand over the letter from messenger to the Therapist+4,200 EXPTherapist Rep +0.065,000 RoublesUnlocks purchase of Salewa FIRST AID KIT at LL2
Out of curiosityPickUpFind a transport with chemicalsMark the chemical transport with a beaconSurvive and extract Customs+8,300 EXPTherapist Rep +0.3170,000 Roubles
Trust regainPickUpFind 303 dorm room keyFind ZB-014 keyFind the customs military checkpoint keyFind gas station closet keyHand over 303 keyHand over ZB-014 keyHand over the checkpoint keyHand over closet keyTherapist Rep +0.3
Hippocratic VowCompletionHandover 500 dollars.Therapist Rep +0.2
Private clinicCompletionHandover 3 OphthalmoscopesHandover 3 LEDX Skin Transilluminators+20,100 EXPTherapist Rep +0.11130,000 Roubles1x T H I C C Items case1x West wing room 306 key
AthleteSkillEarn 10 Health skill level+19,600 EXPTherapist Rep +0.11110,000 Roubles3x Hemostatic drug Zagustin3x Adrenaline injectorUnlocks purchase of Adrenaline injector at LL4
Decontamination serviceEliminationKill 30 Scavs at the Interchange, from the range less than 60 meters.You must be wearing spec. gear+21,600 EXPTherapist Rep +0.11300,000 Roubles3x Morphine injector3x IFAK personal tactical first aid kit
An apple a day – keeps the doctor awayCompletionHandover 400,000 roubles+200 Health Skill points
SupplierPickUpHand over 4 body armor to SkierHand over 4 shotguns to Skier+3,300 EXPSkier Rep +0.1260,000 RoublesUnlocks purchase of Saiga-9 9×19 Carbine at LL1
The ExtortionistPickUpFind the hidden valuable cargo(Optional) Find the messenger body(Optional) Find a place where the messenger hid the itemHand it over to Skier+3,200 EXPSkier Rep +0.08500 DollarsVepr AKM / VPO-209 366TKM carbine3x Izhmash AK magazine (issued ‘55 or later) 30-round for 7.62×39 AK and compatibles
StirrupEliminationEliminate 4 PMC operators. You must be using pistols+4,700 EXPSkier Rep +0.12Prapor Rep -0.12Therapist Rep -0.0565,000 RoublesCamelbak Tri-Zip BackpackUnlocks purchase of Vepr AKM / VPO-209 366TKM carbine at LL1
What’s on the flash drive?PickUpFind two USB flash drives with informationHand them over to Skier+4,500 EXPSkier Rep +0.1Jaeger Rep -0.0130,000 RoublesSimonov Semi-Automatic Carbine SKS 7.62×39 Hunting Rifle Version2x ProMag SKS-A5 7.62×39 20-round SKS magazine
Golden swagCompletionFind a Gilded Zibbo lighterLeave the lighter in the bunkhouse in the trailer parking (Customs)+4,600 EXPSkier Rep +0.1+17,000 RoublesAS VAL3x 20-round 6L25 9×39 VSS magazineUnlocks purchase of VOMZ Pilad P1X42 “WEAVER” reflex sight at LL2
Chemical – Part 1PickUpFind some information about the Deputy Chief’s past life(Optional) Find a sleeping place of the former Deputy Chief of SecurityHand it over to SkierFind items that can help the investigationHand them over to Skier+4,800 EXPSkier Rep +0.0815,000 RoublesPACA Soft Armor
Chemical – Part 2PickUpFind any information that could help with the investigationHand it over to SkierFind any information that could help with the investigationHand it over to Skier+4,900 EXPSkier Rep +0.0815,000 Roubles3x F-1 Hand grenadeUnlocks purchase of SAI-02 10-round 12×76 magazine for SOK-12 and compatible weapons at LL2
Chemical – Part 3PickUpFind a Syringe with a chemical in the FactoryHand over the syringe to Skier+5,400 EXPSkier Rep +0.08Jaeger Rep -0.0117,000 Roubles2x Zenit-Belomo PSO 1M2-1 4×24 scope
Chemical – Part 4PickUpFind a transport with chemicalsMark the chemical transport with a beaconSurvive and extract Customs+6,600 EXPSkier Rep +0.1Jaeger Rep -0.0175,000 RoublesUnlocks purchase of ZSh-1-2M helmet (black) at Ragman LL3
Loyalty buyoutLoyaltyGive 1 million roubles to SkierSkier Rep +0.3
Friend from the West – Part 1EliminationKill 5 USECsFind 2 Flyye MBSS BackpacksHand over 2 Flyye MBSS BackpacksFind 1 AVS vestHand over 1 AVS vest+10,800 EXPSkier Rep +0.14700 DollarsColt M4A1 5.56×45 Assault Rifle
Friend from the West – Part 2MerchantHand over $6,000+9,200 EXPSkier Rep +0.12
“Vitamins” – Part 1PickUpGet first Chemical containerHand over first Chemical containerGet second Chemical containerHand over second Chemical containerGet third Chemical containerHand over third Chemical container+14,100 EXPSkier Rep +0.1Jaeger Rep -0.0137,000 Roubles3x Holosun HS401G5 reflex sight
“Vitamins” – Part 2PickUpFind in raid 5 RespiratorHand over Respirator, 5 pcsGet Medical bloodset, 5 pcsHand over Medical bloodset, 5 pcs+17,200 EXPSkier Rep +0.1240,000 Roubles5x Morphine injector
Lend lease – Part 1PickUpGet first Motor ControllerHand over first controllerGet second Motor ControllerHand over second controllerGet third Motor ControllerHand over third controllerGet first Single-axis Fiber Optic GyroscopeHand over first Single-axis Fiber Optic GyroscopeGet second Single-axis Fiber Optic GyroscopeHand over second Single-axis Fiber Optic Gyroscope+20,000 EXPSkier Rep +0.123,500 Dollars
Informed means armedCompletionInstall a WIFI camera to watch the pierInstall the WIFI camera to watch the road to portInstall the WIFI camera to watch Kiba Arms store+15,900 EXPSkier Rep +0.145,000 Roubles2x Fab Defense UAS for AK
ChummingCompletionStash 3 gold chains under the mattress next to BTR-80AStash 3 gold chains in the microwave on the 3rd floor of dormsStash 3 gold chains in the middle accommodation unit of the sawmillKill 5 PMC operators on Interchange in time period from 23:00 till 10:00+22,000 EXPSkier Rep +0.1265,000 RoublesRoler submariner gold wrist watch
Kind of sabotagePickUpHand over folder 0052 to Skier+4,600 EXPSkier Rep +0.3180,000 Roubles
Silent caliberEliminationKill 20 Scavs with a suppressed 12 gauge shotgunKill 10 PMC’s with a suppressed 12 gauge shotgun+12,900 EXPSkier Rep +0.09100,000 RoublesDVL-10 Saboteur sniper rifle
FlintSkillEarn 8 Stress Resistance skill level+20,000 EXPSkier Rep +0.08150,000 RoublesUnlocks barter for M-2 Tactical Sword at LL4
BullshitDiscoveryFind False flash drivePut fake flash drive (Dorms, 3-rd floor. Pile of trash opposite the stairs)Put sniper rifle SV-98 (Dorms, 3-rd floor. Pile of trash opposite the stairsPut Roler watch (Dorms, 3-rd floor. Pile of trash opposite the stairs)Do not kill Scavs at Customs until the quest is completed+29,700 EXPSkier Rep +0.07120,000 RoublesUnlocks barter for 5 pcs. 12×70 DIPP ammo box at LL3
SetupEliminationKill 15 PMC’s at Customs. You must be wearing spec. gear+29,300 EXPSkier +0.07100,000 RoublesUnlocks barter for 20 pcs. 9×19 mm DIPP ammo box at LL4

Note: To get access to the Peacekeeper quests you need to complete the quest Friend from the West – Part 2 from Skier.

Fishing GearCompletionFind the secret spotLeave sniper rifle in placeLeave multitool in placeSurvive and leave the area+5,400 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.06800 DollarsKiver-M HelmetUnlocks purchase of Aimpoint Micro T-1 reflex sight at LL1
Tigr SafariDiscoverMark first Tigr vehicle at CustomsMark second Tigr vehicle at CustomsMark third Tigr vehicle at CustomsSurvive and leave the area+6,600 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.07Jaeger Rep -0.01900 DollarsANA Tactical Alpha chest rig2x 60-round MAG5-60 5.56×45 STANAG magazine
Scrap MetalDiscoverMark first tank T-90 at ShorelineMark second tank T-90 at ShorelineMark third tank T-90 at ShorelineSurvive and leave the area+7,200 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.07Jaeger Rep -0.01850 Dollars2x AKM 7.62×39 assault rifle200x 7.62×39 mm PSUnlocks purchase of HK MP5 9×19 submachinegun (Navy 3 Round Burst) “SD” variant at LL2
Eagle EyePickUpFind the first UAV crash siteFind SAS disk from the first crashed droneHand over SAS disk from the first crashed droneFind the second UAV crash siteFind SAS disk from the second crashed droneHand over SAS disk from the second crashed drone+7,300 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.07900 DollarsLeupold Mark 4 HAMR 4x24mm DeltaPoint hybrid assault scopeELCAN SpecterDR 1x/4x Scope FDE
Humanitarian SuppliesDiscoverMark first truck with lost UN cargo(Optional) Find first truck with lost UN cargoMark second truck with lost UN cargo(Optional) Find second truck with lost UN cargoFind 5 MRE ration packsDeliver 5 MRE ration packs to PeacekeeperKill 10 Scavs at the Shoreline. You must be wearing UN uniform (MF-UNTAR armor vest and UNTAR helmet)Survive and leave the area+7,400 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.07800 DollarsUnlocks purchase of Hexagon AK-74 5.45×39 sound suppressor at Skier LL2
The Cult – Part 1ExplorationFind the missing informantSurvive and leave the area+6,700 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.06700 Dollars3x Golden neck chainUnlocks purchase of 5.56×45 mm M856A1 at LL2
The Cult – Part 2ExplorationPut the beacon on the ritual spot at the CustomsPut the beacon on the ritual spot in the WoodsPut the beacon on the ritual spot in the ShorelineSurvive and leave the area+8,200 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.07850 Dollars3x Gas analyzer3x Geiger-Muller counter
Spa Tour – Part 1EliminationKill 7 Scavs at the Shoreline with 12 gauge shotgun headshots+8,900 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.07950 DollarsSIG MPX 9×19 Submachine gun
Spa Tour – Part 2ExplorationMark the helicopter with a beaconMark a safe road with a beaconSurvive and leave the area+7,500 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.06900 DollarsUnlocks purchase of M67 Hand grenade at LL2
Spa Tour – Part 3PickUpFind in raid WD-40 100mlHand over WD-40 100mlFind in raid Clin wipers, 2 pcsHand over Clin wipers, 2 pcsFind in raid Corrugated hoses, 2 pcsHand over Corrugated hoses, 2 pcsFind in raid Ox bleach, 2 pcsHand over Ox bleach, 2 pcs+9,100 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.07800 Dollars2x HK MP5 9×19 submachinegun (Navy 3 Round Burst)5x M67 Hand grenade
Spa Tour – Part 4DiscoverFind generators in right wingFind generators in left wingSurvive and leave the area+9,300 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.071,100 Dollars
Spa Tour – Part 5PickUpFind the key from the locked resort roomsHand over key from the locked resort rooms+7,800 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.06980 Dollars4x IFAK personal tactical first aid kit
Spa Tour – Part 6LoyaltyHand over $8,000+11,400 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.09Unlocks purchase of 7.62×51 mm M62 at LL3
Spa Tour – Part 7PickUpFind in raid Morphine injector, 4 pcsHand over Morphine injector, 4 pcsFind in raid Heat-exchange alkali surface washer, 2 pcsHand over Heat-exchange alkali surface washer, 2 pcsFind in raid Corrugated hose, 2 pcsHand over Corrugated hose, 2 pcsFind in raid 5L propane tank, 2 pcsHand over 5L propane tank, 2 pcs+11,600 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.09Jaeger Rep -0.01Factory exit key
Cargo X – Part 1PickUpFind the cargo record in the computer roomHand over the retrieved data to Peacekeeper+10,400 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.07700 DollarsPistol case
Cargo X – Part 2ExplorationFind a room with reservoirsFind any information on the second part of the shipmentGive the info on the second part of the cargo to Peacekeeper+8,600 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.07850 DollarsUnlocks purchase of KAC QDSS NT-4 5.56×45 silencer (Black) at LL3
Cargo X – Part 3MultiFind hidden Terragroup cargoSurvive and leave the area+10,700 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.07900 DollarsHK MP5 9×19 submachinegun (Navy 3 Round Burst)3x Standard MP5 30-round 9×19 magazine
Lend lease – Part 2PickUpFind 2 Military COFDM wireless Signal TransmittersFind 3 Virtex programmable processorsHandover 2 Military COFDM wireless Signal TransmittersHandover 3 Virtex programmable processors+22,200 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.092,000 Dollars2x HK 416A5 5.56×45 Assault Rifle300x 5.56×45 mm M9952x Magpul PMAG D-60 5.56×45 60-round magazine2x 60-round MAG5-60 5.56×45 STANAG magazine
Wet Job – Part 1EliminationKill 10 Scavs at the Shoreline using a suppressed M4 or ADAR+13,000 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.09Jaeger Rep -0.011,200 Dollars
Wet Job – Part 2ExplorationFind the fisher’s dwellingSet the beaconSurvive and leave the area+11,700 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.071,300 DollarsUnlocks barter for Magpul PMAG D-60 5.56×45 60-round magazine at LL3
Wet Job – Part 3ExplorationFind Artyom’s carSurvive and leave the area+9,900 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.061,500 Dollars
Wet Job – Part 4PickUpFind a list of resort tenantsHand over the list of tenants to Peacekeeper+10,000 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.061,600 Dollars
Wet Job – Part 5PickUpFind info on Artyom’s workHand over the info to Peacekeeper+10,200 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.061,600 DollarsUnlocks purchase of Remington R11 RSASS 7.62×51 at LL4
Wet Job – Part 6SkillReach level 7 in Sniper rifle handling skill+10,400 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.06Jaeger Rep -0.013,500 DollarsDVL-10 Saboteur sniper rifleUnlocks purchase of 7.62×51 mm M61 at LL4
The guideExplorationSurvive at Interchange (Status: Survived)Survive at Shoreline (Status: Survived)Survive at Factory (Status: Survived)Survive at Laboratory (Status: Survived)Survive at Woods (Status: Survived)Survive at Customs (Status: Survived)Survive at Reserve (Status: Survived)+35,100 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.1225,000 DollarsEotech HHS-1 sight TanSLAAP armor Plate (Tan)3x Arsenal CWP 30-round 5.56×45 magazine for SLR-106 and compatible weaponsUnlocks purchase of Eotech HHS-1 sight Tan at LL4Unlocks purchase of SLAAP armor Plate (Tan) at LL4Unlocks purchase of Arsenal CWP 30-round 5.56×45 magazine for SLR-106 and compatible weapons at LL2
Peacekeeping missionEliminationKill 12 Scavs on Customs while dressed in the UN uniform (UNTAR helmetMF-UNTAR armor vestColt M4A1)Kill 12 Scavs on Interchange while dressed in the UN uniform (UNTAR helmetMF-UNTAR armor vestColt M4A1)Kill 12 Scavs on Shoreline while dressed in the UN uniform (UNTAR helmetMF-UNTAR armor vestColt M4A1)Kill 12 Scavs on Woods while dressed in the UN uniform (UNTAR helmetMF-UNTAR armor vestColt M4A1)+32,400 EXPPeacekeeper Rep +0.12Remington Model 700 Sniper rifle150x 7.62×51 mm M612x GPNVG-18 Night Vision
MentorCompletionHandover 50,000 euros+300 Sniper Rifles Skill points
Gunsmith – Part 1Parameter-oriented moddingModify MP-133 to comply with the required specification+6,500 EXPMechanic Rep +0.0420,000 RoublesGLOCK 17 9×19 pistol50x 9×19 mm Pst gzh
Gunsmith – Part 2Parameter-oriented moddingModify AKS-74U to comply with the required specification+6,000 EXPMechanic Rep +0.0460,000 Roubles
Gunsmith – Part 3Parameter-oriented moddingModify MP5 to comply with the required specification+8,000 EXPMechanic Rep +0.05500 EurosSubmachinegun 19-01 Vityaz-SN 9×19
Gunsmith – Part 4Parameter-oriented moddingModify M4A1 to comply with the required specification+10,100 EXPMechanic Rep +0.05800 EurosPhysical bitcoin
Gunsmith – Part 5Parameter-oriented moddingModify DVL-10 to comply with the required specification+13,900 EXPMechanic Rep +0.06200,000 Roubles
Gunsmith – Part 6Parameter-oriented moddingModify R11 RSASS to comply with the required specification+14,900 EXPMechanic Rep +0.061,000 Euros3x Physical bitcoin
Gunsmith – Part 7Parameter-oriented moddingModify Remington Model 870 to comply with the required specification+16,000 EXPMechanic Rep +0.06100,000 RoublesGLOCK 17 9×19 pistol
Gunsmith – Part 8Parameter-oriented moddingModify AKM to comply with the required specification+16,200 EXPMechanic Rep +0.061,500 Euros2x Physical bitcoin
Gunsmith – Part 9Parameter-oriented moddingModify AKS-74N to comply with the required specification+17,300 EXPMechanic Rep +0.06500 EurosColt M4A1 5.56×45 Assault Rifle
Gunsmith – Part 10Parameter-oriented moddingModify AK-105 to comply with the required specification+17,500 EXPMechanic Rep +0.062x Ammo caseUnlocks purchase of Colt M4A1 5.56×45 Assault Rifle “SOPMOD I” variant at LL3
Gunsmith – Part 11Parameter-oriented moddingModify AS VAL to comply with the required specification+18,600 EXPMechanic Rep +0.06Key to KIBA Outlet grate door
Gunsmith – Part 12Parameter-oriented moddingModify AK-102 to comply with the required specification+14,400 EXPMechanic Rep +0.0470,000 RoublesRemington Model 870 12ga shotgunUnlocks purchase of Magpul AFG grip OD at LL3
Gunsmith – Part 13Parameter-oriented moddingModify SIG MPX to comply with the required specification+19,000 EXPMechanic Rep +0.05500 DollarsMuzzle brake Vendetta precision VP-09 5.56×45Unlocks purchase of Skeletonized AR-15 pistol grip at LL4
Gunsmith – Part 14Parameter-oriented moddingModify AKMN to comply with the required specification+20,800 EXPMechanic Rep +0.05100,000 RoublesEOtech Vudu 1-6 riflescopeUnlocks purchase of LAS/TAC 2 tactical flashlight at LL3
Gunsmith – Part 15Parameter-oriented moddingModify M1A to comply with the required specification+22,600 EXPMechanic Rep +0.05700 EurosSpringfield Armory M1A 7.62×51
Gunsmith – Part 16Parameter-oriented moddingModify M4A1 to comply with the required specification+28,500 EXPMechanic Rep +0.062,500 EurosColt M4A1 5.56×45 Assault Rifle
Farming – Part 1CompletionFix the first control boardFix the second control boardSurvive and leave the area+8,000 EXPMechanic Rep +0.0425,000 Roubles
Farming – Part 2PickUpGet Powercord, 3 pcsHand over Powercord, 3 pcsGet T-Shaped Plug, 5 pcsHand over T-Shaped Plug, 5 pcsGet Printed circuit board, 3 pcsHand over Printed circuit board, 3 pcs+6,800 EXPMechanic Rep +0.0315,000 RoublesAKMSN 7.62×39 assault rifle
Farming – Part 3CompletionFind a warehouse of confiscateGet package with graphics cardsHand over package with graphics cards+8,100 EXPMechanic Rep +0.0320,000 RoublesPhysical bitcoin
Farming – Part 4PickUpGet Graphics card, 7 pcsHand over Graphics card, 7 pcsGet CPU Fan, 7 pcsHand over CPU Fan, 7 pcs+9,800 EXPMechanic Rep +0.04300 EurosGLOCK 17 9×19 pistol
Signal – Part 1DiscoverFind the first signal sourceFind the second signal sourceSurvive and leave the area+8,500 EXPMechanic Rep +0.0410,000 Roubles3x SGMT Drum mag for Glock 9×19, 50 rounds capacity
Signal – Part 2PickUpFind in raid 3 PC CPUFind in raid 3 Rechargeable batteryFind in raid 3 Printed circuit boardFind in raid 3 Broken GPhoneHand over PC CPU, 3 pcsHand over Rechargeable battery, 3 pcsHand over Printed circuit board, 3 pcsHand over Broken GPhone, 3 pcs+8,700 EXPMechanic Rep +0.0450,000 Roubles
Signal – Part 3CompletionPlace first jammerPlace second jammerPlace third jammerSurvive and leave the area+11,000 EXPMechanic Rep +0.0430,000 RoublesRemington Model 870 12ga shotgun
Signal – Part 4SkillIncrease memory skill level to 4+11,100 EXPMechanic Rep +0.0420,000 RoublesNightforce ATACR 7-35×56 riflescope
Bad habitPickUpFind in raid Malboro cigarettes, 7 pcsHand over Malboro cigarettes, 7 pcsFind in raid Strike cigarettes, 7 pcsHand over Strike cigarettes, 7 pcsFind in raid Wilston cigarettes, 7 pcsHand over Wilston cigarettes, 7 pcs+9,000 EXPMechanic Rep +0.04300 EurosStechkin Automatic Pistol 9x18PM
ScoutCompletionFind a way out of the factory 1Find a way out of the factory 2Find a way out of the factory 3Survive and exit the location+9,200 EXPMechanic Rep +0.0430,000 Roubles2x Physical bitcoin
InsiderStandingReach level 3 loyalty with Prapor+9,300 EXPMechanic Rep +0.04800 Euros2x SilencerCo Osprey 9 9x19mm sound suppressor
Psycho SniperSkillUpgrade the Sniper skill to level 9+32,400 EXP150,000 Roubles
ImportPickUpHandover 2 UHF RFID ReadersHandover 2 VPX Flash Storage Modules+42,800 EXPMechanic Rep +0.07Jaeger Rep -0.01Trijicon REAP-IR thermal riflescope85,000 Roubles3x Physical bitcoin
FertilizersPickUpFind in raid 5 WiresFind in raid 5 CapacitorsHandover 5 WiresHandover 5 Capacitors+19,500 EXPMechanic Rep +0.0665,000 Roubles3x Physical bitcoin
A Shooter Born in HeavenEliminationKill 3 PMCs with headshots in the Woods from a distance of more than 100 meters.Kill 3 PMCs with headshots in the Interchange from a distance of more than 100 meters.Kill 3 PMCs with headshots in the Shoreline from a distance of more than 100 meters.Kill 3 PMCs with headshots in the Customs from a distance of more than 100 meters.+39,500 EXPMechanic Rep +0.06100,000 Roubles4x 7.62x54r ProMag OPFOR for Archangel Mosin rifle kit, 10-round capacity100x 7.62x54R SNB1x Mosin bolt-action sniper rifleUnlocks purchase of Magazine case at LL3
IntroductionCompletionFind Jaeger’s campFind Jaeger’s messageHandover the message to the Mechanic+4,500 EXPMechanic Rep +0.0515,000 RoublesUnlocks Jaeger
Only businessMerchantObtain level 2 loyalty with Ragman+6,700 EXPRagman Rep +0.0610,000 RoublesWartech gear rig (TV-109, TV-106)
Make ULTRA Great AgainCompletionKill 25 Scavs at the Interchange.+9,800 EXPRagman Rep +0.0950,000 Roubles
Big saleExplorationCheck AVOKADOCheck KOSTINCheck tRendCheck DINO CLOTHESCheck TOP BRANDSurvive and leave the area+8,900 EXPRagman Rep +0.0717,000 RoublesCamelback Tri-Zip Backpack
The Blood of War – Part 1CompletionMark tank 1Mark tank 2Mark tank 3Survive and leave the area+7,500 EXPRagman Rep +0.0660,000 Roubles
Dressed to killCompletionHand over Ushanka ear-flap cap, 7 pcsHand over Kinda cowboy hat, 7 pcs+10,200 EXPRagman Rep +0.0721,000 RoublesBNTI Gzhel-K armor
GratitudeCompletionFind the secret spotLeave the Ghost balaclava in placeLeave the Shemagh in placeLeave the RayBench sunglasses in placeLeave the Round frame sunglasses in place+16,300 EXPRagman Rep +0.0780,000 Roubles
Sales NightCompletionSurvive in the raid at Interchange 7 times+19,800 EXPRagman Rep +0.0935,000 Roubles2x SSO “Attack 2” raid backpack
Hot deliveryCompletionStash Peltor ComTac 2 in specified place, 2 pcsStash 6B47 Ratnik-BSh Helmet in specified place, 2 pcsStash BNTI Gzhel-K armor in specified place, 2 pcs+25,000 EXPRagman Rep +0.0955,000 RoublesIOTV Gen4 armor (full protection)Unlocks barter for IOTV Gen4 armor (full protection) at LL4
Database – Part 1ExplorationGet Goshan cargo manifestsHand over Goshan cargo manifestsGet OLI cargo manifestsHand over OLI cargo manifestsGet IDEA cargo manifestsHand over IDEA cargo manifests+11,500 EXPRagman Rep +0.0722,000 RoublesMSA Sordin Supreme PRO-X/L active headphones
Database – Part 2CompletionGet OLI cargo route documentsHand over OLI cargo route documents+11,700 EXPRagman Rep +0.0760,000 Roubles
MinibusCompletionMark first minibusMark second minibusMark third minibusSurvive and leave the area+16,500 EXPRagman Rep +0.0750,000 RoublesAna tactical Beta 2 battle backpack
Sew it good – Part 1PickUpGet Ski hat with holes for eyes, 2 pcsHand over Ski hat with holes for eyes, 2 pcsGet Pilgrim tourist backpack, 2 pcsHand over Pilgrim tourist backpack, 2 pcs+12,300 EXPRagman Rep +0.0625,000 RoublesSSSh-95 Sfera-S (Sphere-S)
Sew it good – Part 2PickUpGet Gzhel in 0-50% conditionHand over Gzhel in 0-50% conditionGet Gzhel in 50-100% conditionHand over Gzhel in 50-100% condition+18,700 EXPRagman Rep +0.0910,000 Roubles2x ZSh-1-2M face shield
Sew it good – Part 3PickUpGet 6B43 with 0-50% conditionHand over 6B43 with 0-50% conditionGet 6B43 with 50-100% conditionHand over 6B43 with 50-100% condition+19,700 EXPRagman Rep +0.0965,000 Roubles
Sew it good – Part 4PickUpFind in raid 2 Wartech (TV-109, TV-106)Hand over 2 Wartech (TV-109, TV-106)Find in raid 2 BlackRock chest rigHand over 2 BlackRock chest rig+20,700 EXPRagman Rep +0.0925,000 RoublesANA Tactical M2 armored rig
The Blood of War – Part 2PickUpFind in raid Fuel conditioner, 4 pcsHand over Fuel conditioner, 4 pcs+15,600 EXPRagman Rep +0.0720,000 RoublesHighcom Striker ACHHC IIIA black helmet
The Blood of War – Part 3CompletionFind and mark first fuel stashFind and mark second fuel stashFind and mark third fuel stashSurvive and leave the area+21,000 EXPRagman Rep +0.0975,000 Roubles2x Highcom Trooper TFO armor (multicam)1x Mystery Ranch Blackjack 50 backpack (multicam)
The key to successPickUpGet Clothes design handbook Part 1Hand over Clothes design handbook Part 1Get Clothes design handbook Part 2Hand over Clothes design handbook Part 2+18,100 EXPRagman Rep +0.0760,000 Roubles2x Ghost balaclava
Living high is not a crime – Part 1PickUpGet Bronze lion, 3 pcsHand over Bronze lion, 3 pcsGet Horse figurine, 3 pcsHand over Horse figurine, 3 pcsGet Cat figurine, 2 pcsHand over Cat figurine, 2 pcsGet Roler submariner gold wrist watchHand over Roler submariner gold wrist watch+23,000 EXPRagman Rep +0.0975,000 Roubles3x Golden neck chainAltyn helmet
Living high is not a crime – Part 2PickUpFind in raid 3 antique teapotsFind in raid 2 antique vasesHandover 3 antique teapotsHandover 2 antique vases+29,600 EXPRagman Rep +0.12110,000 Roubles2x Zhuk-6a heavy armor2x Altyn helmet2x Altyn face shield
Charisma brings successSkillIncrease the Charisma level to 10+12,700 EXPRagman Rep +0.0730,000 Roubles2x Altyn face shield
No fuss neededSkillIncrease the Therapist loyalty level to 3+12,900 EXPRagman Rep +0.0732,000 RoublesAltyn helmet
SupervisorPickUpGet key from Goshan cash registersHand over key from Goshan cash registers+24,100 EXPRagman Rep +0.09250,000 RoublesUnlocks purchase of BNTI Gzhel-K armor at LL3
ScavengerSkillEarn 9 Search skill level+15,400 EXPRagman Rep +0.1165,000 RoublesUnlocks barter for Crash Axe at LL4
The stylish oneEliminationEliminate Killa 100 times100,000 RoublesAdik Tracksuit clothing
Textile – Part 1PickupObtain in raid 5 pcs. of Aramid fiber clothObtain in raid 10 pcs. of Ripstop clothObtain in raid 3 pcs. of paracordHand over Aramid fiber cloth 5 pcs.Hand over Ripstop cloth 10 pcs.Hand over paracord 3 pcs.100,000 RoublesBEAR TIGR or USEC Commando clothing
Textile – Part 2PickupObtain in raid 10 pcs. of Fleece clothHand over Fleece cloth 10 pcs.Obtain in raid 10 pcs. of Polyamide fabric CorduraHand over Polyamide fabric Cordura 10 pcs.Obtain in raid KEKTAPE duct tape 5 pcs.Hand over KEKTAPE duct tape 5 pcs.100,000 RoublesMystery Ranch Blackjack 50 backpack (multicam)BEAR Telnik or USEC TIE

Note: To get access to Jaeger you need to complete the quest Introduction from Mechanic.

AcquaintanceCompletionGet 5 Iskra lunch boxGet 6 packs of Emelya rye croutonsGet 3 cans of delicious beef stew+4,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0415,000 Roubles
The survivalist path – Unprotected, but dangerousCompletionKill 7 scavs on Woods. You should not wear body armor+7000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0420,000 Roubles2x Vepr AKM / VPO-209 366TKM carbine200x .366 TKM EKO
The survivalist path – ThriftyCompletionStash “Iskra” MRE in the ZB-016 bunkerStash bottle of water in the ZB-016 bunkerStash “Iskra” MRE in the ZB-014 bunkerStash bottle of water in the ZB-014 bunker+6,500 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0420,000 Roubles2x Phase control relay
The survivalist path – ZhivchikExperienceSpend 5 minutes in a state of complete dehydration+9,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0330,000 Roubles2x Water bottle with a filter Aquamari
The survivalist path – Wounded beastCompletionKill 5 scavs while suffering from pain effect+10,000 EXP65,000 Roubles
The survivalist path – Tough guyCompletionEliminate 5 scavs on Woods in a single raid. You must not use medicine.Don’t use any medicine during the quest+12,000 EXP40,000 RoublesCMS kit3 x Pile of meds
The survivalist path – Cold bloodedCompletionEliminate 4 PMCs with the headshot while having tremor+11,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0450,000 Roubles
The survivalist path – ZatoichiCompletionKill 2 PMC operators while being blinded by flashbang grenade+12,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0330,000 Roubles30x 12×70 RIP80x 5.56×45 mm Warmage
The survivalist path – Eagle-owlCompletionKill 10 scavs between 21:00 and 03:00 without using NVG or Thermal sights+13,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0340,000 Roubles3x Vulcan MG night scope 3.5x
The survivalist path – Combat medicCompletionReach level 5 Vitality skill+14,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0430,000 RoublesVitality: +2 points
Huntsman path – Secured perimeterCompletionEliminate 10 PMС on Factory in the office area+14,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0335,000 Roubles2x Pliers EliteA set of tools2x NippersCorrugated hose
Huntsman path – The trophyCompletionEliminate ReshalaFind in raid the golden TTHandover golden TT to Jaeger+20,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0590,000 RoublesSurv12 field surgical kit4x Gunpowder “Kite”5x Piece of plexiglas
Huntsman path – Woods cleaningCompletionKill 50 scavs all over the Tarkov territory+18,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0450,000 Roubles2x Remington Model 700 Sniper rifle
Huntsman path – ControllerCompletionKill 3 PMCs blinded with the flashbang+21,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0449,999 RoublesEOtech Vudu 1-6 riflescope
Huntsman path – Sell-outEliminationEliminate KillaFind In Raid Killa’s helmetHandover Killa’s helmet to Jaeger+23,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.05150,000 Roubles3x Folder with intelligenceKey to IDEA cash registerKey to OLI cash register
Huntsman path – Woods keeperCompletionEliminate ShturmanFind in raid Shturman’s keyHandover the Shturman’s stash key to Jaeger+25,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0517,000 Roubles4x Gunpowder “Hawk”VPX Flash Storage Module3x TerraGroup Labs access keycard
Huntsman path – JusticeCompletionKill 3 scavs that are dressed in police uniform+20,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0580,000 Roubles5x Expeditionary fuel tank
Huntsman path – Evil watchmanCompletionKill 10 PMCs in the Dorms area on Customs+20,000 EXPJaeger Rep 0.0475,000 Roubles2x Folder with intelligence2x Secure Flash drive
Huntsman path – EraserCompletionFind and eliminate Gluhar+30,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.05199,999 Roubles5,000 DollarsWeapon case
Huntsman path – Eraser – Part 2CompletionEliminate 10 raiders+17,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0480,000 RoublesTrijicon REAP-IR thermal riflescope
AmbulanceCompletionHandover 3 CMS surgery kitsHandover 2 portable defibrillators+12,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.335,000 RoublesUnlocks purchase of Surv12 field surgical kit+100 Vitality Skill points
Shady businessPickUpFind in raid 3 flash drivesHandover 3 flash drives+11,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0450,000 Roubles
NostalgiaCompletionFind a room with the view of a bay, where Jaeger was stayingFind Jaegers’ photo albumHandover photo album to Jaeger+10,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0330,000 RoublesDocuments caseKey to HEP station storage
Fishing placeCompletionFind in raid 3 TerraGroup Labs access keycardsHandover 3 TerraGroup Labs access keycards+15,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0475,000 Roubles
Courtesy visitCompletionFind priest houseFind fisherman houseFind chairman house+10,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0335,000 Roubles
Hunting tripCompletionGive the Jaeger 3x M700 sniper rifles of a certain configuration+16,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0460,000 RoublesVPX Flash Storage ModuleMilitary thermal vision module IridiumUnlocks purchase of Remington Model 700 Sniper rifle ARCH variant at LL3Unlocks purchase of Remington Model 700 Sniper rifle AICS variant at LL3Unlocks purchase of Remington Model 700 Sniper rifle PRO variant at LL4Unlocks purchase of Remington Model 700 Sniper rifle MRS variant at LL4
ReservCompletionFind the food storage+9,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0316,000 RoublesSilicone tube3x A pack of nails3x A pack of screws
The Tarkov shooter – Part 1EliminationKill 10 Scavs over 50 meters away with a Mosin rifle without a scope+18,900 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0550,000 Roubles2x PU 3.5x riflescope2x PU 3.5x ring mount2x Kochetov Mount for Mosin rifle
The Tarkov shooter – Part 2EliminationMake 5 hits in the legs from more than 80 meters away with a MosinMake 3 headshots from more than 80 meters away with a Mosin+19,200 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0565,000 RoublesAim Sports MNG rail for Mosin rifleUnlocks purchase of Aim Sports MNG rail for Mosin rifle at LL1
The Tarkov shooter – Part 3EliminationKill 5 PMC operatives with a Mosin at close range, less than 15 meters away+16,200 EXPJaeger Rep +0.04Kinda cowboy hatTacfire Tanker style muzzlebrake for Mosin rifleRecoil pad from Aim Sports for Mosin rifleUnlocks purchase of Tacfire Tanker style muzzlebrake for Mosin rifle at LL2Unlocks purchase of Recoil pad from Aim Sports for Mosin rifle at LL2
The Tarkov shooter – Part 4EliminationLevel up the Sniper Rifles skill to 5+16,400 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0457,000 RoublesAim Sports “Tri-Rail” rail for Mosin rifleTacfire pistol grip for Mosin rifleUnlocks purchase of Aim Sports “Tri-Rail” rail for Mosin rifle at LL2Unlocks purchase of Tacfire pistol grip for Mosin rifle at LL2
The Tarkov shooter – Part 5EliminationKill 10 Scavs at Customs with a Mosin rifle between 23:00 and 4:00+20,000 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0475,000 RoublesTexas Precision Products muzzlebrake for Mosin rifleUnlocks purchase of Texas Precision Products muzzlebrake for Mosin rifle at LL3
The Tarkov shooter – Part 6EliminationKill 10 Scav snipers with a Mosin+20,300 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0550,000 RoublesATI Monte Carlo Mosin rifle stockUnlocks purchase of ATI Monte Carlo Mosin rifle stock at LL3
The Tarkov shooter – Part 7EliminationKill 7 PMC operatives with a suppressed Mosin at least 70 meters away+20,700 EXPJaeger Rep +0.0485,000 RoublesWitt Machine muzzlebrake for Mosin rifleUnlocks purchase of Witt Machine muzzlebrake for Mosin rifle at LL4
The Tarkov shooter – Part 8EliminationKill 3 PMC operatives with a Mosin over one raid in the Woods+25,200 EXPJaeger Rep +0.06200,000 RoublesProMag Archangel OPFOR PRS Mosin rifle stock7.62x54r ProMag OPFOR for Archangel Mosin rifle kit, 10-round capacityUnlocks purchase of ProMag Archangel OPFOR PRS Mosin rifle stock at LL4Unlocks purchase of 7.62x54r ProMag OPFOR for Archangel Mosin rifle kit, 10-round capacity at LL4
Quest Type Objectives Rewards
CollectorPickUpFind an Old firesteel in raid
Handover the Old firesteel
Find an Antique axe in raid
Handover the Antique axe
Find a Battered antique Book in raid
Handover the Battered antique Book
Find a FireKlean gun lube in raid
Handover the FireKlean gun lube
Find a Golden rooster in raid
Handover the Golden rooster
Find a Silver Badge in raid
Handover the Silver Badge
Find a Deadlyslob’s beard oil in raid
Handover the Deadlyslob’s beard oil
Find a Golden 1GPhone in raid
Handover the Golden 1GPhone
Find a Jar of DevilDog mayo in raid
Handover the Jar of DevilDog mayo
Find a Can of sprats in raid
Handover the Can of sprats
Find a Fake mustache in raid
Handover the Fake mustache
Find a Kotton beanie in raid
Handover the Kotton beanie
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