Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements

We are starting a new contest “Training with Sherpa”.

As you know , we have Sherpa (tutors ). Every day they are teaching new players which require help with progressing in Tarkov.
For participation you need to make a video which includes tutor and the new player (tutor does not have to be a verified Sherpa). Video shall be less than 15 minutes long.

We advise you to show one of the teaching styles in your video:

– Sherpa teaching how to play as a scav.
– Sherpa teaching how to play in assault style.
– Sherpa teaching how to play in recon style.
– Sherpa teaching how to play in sniper style.

Upload the video on YouTube ( shall be publicly available ).
Important: “Escape from Tarkov Sherpa” shall be in the name of the video.
Send your work ( link ) in the relevant topic.

📌Please make sure you follow the forum rules and topic recommendations. Off topic messages will get deleted.Repeated violations will lead to punishment in terms of warning points.

Prizes for the contest: 1-5 place will get Escape From Tarkov Game ( edition will depend on the quality of the work ).

Submissions are accepted till 10.05.2020 (inclusively ). Results will be announced the week after.

Best of luck!

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