Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements

Friends! The first Escape from Tarkov tournament took place yesterday in a unique for eSports events- Bingo! format, developed and prepared together by the Twitch Rivals team and our studio. The winners and prize-winners of the European and American stages are determined and deserve only praise. All participants performed very worthy. Keep it up, we are proud of you and our incredible community!

During the tournament, all spectators had the opportunity to get Drops from the following categories of items – Common, Rare and Legendary. For teams completing certain tasks and closing Bingo lines, viewers received Common and Rare drops, and on the Twitch Rivals channel there was a chance to get Legendary. So, we issued 3294803 drops (2548077 | 705594 | 41132) with a total value of almost 198 billion in-game rubles, of which more than 300 thousand unique items with Twitch Rivals logos.

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