Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements

Unfortunately, not everything went smoothly and as planned. The tournament was postponed twice due to recent events taking place in the world, but the preparations went on non-stop for the past few weeks. Due to various circumstances, the judges from the Twitch Rivals team made mistakes, for this reason the rules and conditions for completing some tasks were not completely transparent, and the results could both please and disappoint. That’s why it was the FIRST experience to work on bugs, break in ideas and hold the next events in new, even more exciting formats. Our Twitch friends will for sure consider all your and our wishes and comments.

It is always nice to win, it is an honor to take third place, and silver often goes with bitterness, especially when gold was so close. For this reason, we want to specially note the teams that took second places at their stages. The teams in the composition of Honeymad/Aimlul/C_a_k_e and Lvndmark/Worrun/Willerz showed incredible results and the will to win, and their participation will be definitely remembered. Obviously, your victories are ahead.

Thank you all for participating, everything has just only begun!

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