Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements

• Developers are actively trying to find a balance between the creation of new content and technical updates (bug fixes). Cheaters and bugs take up most of the time for programmers, and they cannot work on new features.
• Nikita and the developers believe that the gameplay at the Escape from Tarkov tournaments does not show the real essence of the game, but it is interesting to watch such tournaments. There will definitely be more tournaments, including those from Twitch – more well-developed.
• Daily tasks (similar to quests from the tournament, random quests) – players will have the opportunity to perform such tasks in the future.
• Merchandise store postponed due to COVID-19.
• Patches 0.12.5 and 0.12.6 will be directed mainly to the technical component. 0.12.7 approximately 50/50 with content. When adding new mechanics, we have to stop and fix errors
• The ability to send loot to the stash and remain in the raid is planned. This means the ability to evacuate a backpack with loot from a location for money.
• Developers are also testing a version of Unity 2019 so they can switch to it soon.
• Unity is a rather complex and specific engine. There are no games like EFT on Unity and most likely will not appear.

Record of the broadcast in English:

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