Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements

Dear friends. Nikita Buyanov stopped by at one of the popular Escape from Tarkov streamers – Pestily, where he told some insider information regarding upcoming plans for the game and answered some questions. We present to your attention a short clipping of the main topics that Nikita discussed with streamers.

• Information about the wipe will probably be released next week.
• RAID episode 4 is planned in mid-May.
• The next patch 0.12.5 will contain the settings of graphic post-effects. Filters from Nvidia will become unavailable for use.
• The 1911 pistol will be in 0.12.6.
• Kriss Vector – most likely will appear in 0.12.7.
• UMP is in the plans, but there are no exact dates yet.
• Boss on the Shorerile – The orderly is scheduled for 0.12.7
• Rework of skills – the first changes will be in the patch 0.12.7.
• The compass is planned in patch 0.12.7 or 0.12.8.
• Steam Audio – will appear in 0.12.6, this will be the first iteration and it is aimed at improving the quality of sound positioning in the game.
• About 50,000 cheaters were blocked in March. Developers work daily with BattleEye.

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