Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements

● Almost the entire team of level designers is working on a new location — Streets of Tarkov. Nikita confirmed that there will be up to 40 players on the map. Developers like the idea that you can get lost on location. The screenshot showed a helicopter flying near one of the high-rise buildings.
● Work is underway on new equipment for the scavs-cheap, bad-looking-something like survival gear.
● It is planned to rebalance various thermal imagers after adding more of them.
● New boss for the Shoreline location, name: Sanitar. Not much of a fighter, who uses stimulants. Also, he will have various unique stimulants in his inventory. One of them is MULE, for carrying weights and another with interesting effects called ” Obdolbos”, the development of the Sanitar himself.
● Customs expansion is planned for 0.12.6. One of the new buildings will be the base for Reshala and his crew. Perhaps there will be an underground level at the new part of the location, or at some building.
● In 0.12.7 or 0.12.8 it’s planned to add a USP pistol in three variants at once.
● Demonstrated more detailed customization of weapons on the example of Colt 1911.
● Demonstrated a work in progress video of the PPSH. The introduction of PPSH in the game looks logical and realistic, since there are many military warehouses on the territory of Russia, where a large number of PPSH is stored.

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