Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements

**Highlights of the “TarkovTV” podcast-DevBlog #009** @news

● Patch 0.12.5 is planned for the beginning of next week after it there will be 0.12.6, there is no exact release date yet. At the moment, testing is underway and the patchnote for patch 0.12.6 is not ready yet.
● The wipe will take place in 0.12.6, however, we will save the progress of examining items and weapon presets.
● Before wipe, for 3-4 days, there will be pre-wipe events, info about them will be reported closer to the point.
● After the wipe, at the flea market, you will only allowed to sell items that have found in raid status.
● “Run through” status-will reset the “found in raid ” status from items.
● Patch 0.12.5 will be without content, it contains fixes, optimization and new mechanics (quick treatment by therapist, mouse sensitivity depending on the multiplicity of the sight, and so on).
● It is planned to rework loot on locations, its spawn locations, and the loot pools themselves.
● Random places with loot are planned. Also, it is planned to introduce a feature so that the AI will protect places with valuable loot.
● The first part of skill system rework will be in 0.12.7.
● Regarding Steam Audio: the developers of Hired Ops asked BSG for a module to implement in their game (HOps). Positioning already works cool, it becomes clear where the enemy is, not just on the left or right, but also behind and above your position or in front and below. The game will have Steam Audio in 0.12.6. You can check this feature out already in Hired Ops.
● A new caliber will be added to the game .45 ACP and several weapons samples are planned for it. In 0.12.6 there will be Colt 1911, later UMP and Kriss Vector.

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