Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements

● About cheaters: every day from 1500 to 2000 dishonest players are banned. Approximately 50,000 dishonest players were blocked in March. This month it is expected that there will be more of them. The team is constantly working with the BattlEye developers.
● The game will have a system of reports: both on suspiciously acting players, and on all sorts of exploits, bugs, and obscene nicknames.
● Post-FX filters will be introduced in patch 0.12.5. NVIDIA has prematurely disabled its FreeStyle filters. They are now working again, but they will be completely disabled starting from May 1. Support for NVIDIA Highlights will also be disabled since this system was used by cheaters.
● Items taken from players in raid will still not have the “found in raid” status.
● Barters for dogtags will continue to be added. Conditions for bartering with dogtags are planned to be revised (quantity, levels).

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