Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements

● About the cultists: Nikita refused to talk about it, the players will see for themselves when they are added. In which patch? In any.
● Unity is scheduled to be updated to version 2019. This will give devs even more tools for optimizing and developing the project.
● They work with spawns on maps all the time. Bugs are being fixed. Spawn points are edited constantly, including the ones based on feedback from players. The following patches will also bring changes for spawns fixing.
● With the wipe, there will also be changes in the VAL/VSS characteristics.
● In post-raid treatment, you will be able to see statistics on damaged parts of the body — injuries (where, how, and with what cartridge). More detailed reports may be added in the future.
● Customization of armored rigs and plate carriers is quite a big and serious feature. Most likely it will be added in patch 0.13, along with Streets of Tarkov .
● Compass: possibly in 0.12.7.

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