Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements

@news Dear friends!

We have a new contest called “Night raids”.

In order to participate you need to create a video (no more than 10 minutes long) on any location at night time.

You must use night vision, thermal scopes or flashlights. Upload video to YouTube (and make it available for everyone), then share a link on our official Discord there is a special channel for this purpose called <#724680672794378290>

Important: the title of the video should include “Escape from Tarkov Night raids”.

Prizes: 1-3 places will get Escape From Tarkov game (version depends on the quality of the video) and in-game items.
Another winner will be chosen by community (prize will be Escape From Tarkov Standard Edition).

Same as during our latest Art contest you can vote for the submissions on our official Disrcord server with a reaction that will be posted under every submission.

Videos are accepted till 23.07.2020 ( inclusive ).

Results will be published a week after.
Thank you for your support and best of luck!

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