Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements

Friends, we take the utmost care to ensure the security of your data. But we want to remind you that you need to take additional measures to protect your account from intruders.

It should be noted that even if an attacker receives login data to your account, he will not be able to enter the game (this requires a Device ID, which will come to your email), will not be able to change the password (a request to change again will be sent to your email). The security of your personal mail is already your personal task. Important! Be sure to enable two-factor authentication on your email. It is worth remembering about it. For restoration of the stolen mail, it is necessary to address in technical support of the mail client.

We remind you about enabling two-factor authentication – and using non-repeating passwords on different resources. Don’t forget that you can also enable generated backup codes on your account. Write them down and save them.

If you think your account has been stolen, please contact our support team –


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