Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements

Friends, we continue the series of creative competitions “Reporters of Tarkov” on the game Escape from Tarkov!
The next topic in this series of contests will be “Mysterious Places”.

To take part:
– You need to take a screenshot in Escape From Tarkov showing a frightening atmosphere / situation.
– Upload the screenshot to our chat room <#773530778017071154> .
– The screenshot should be made in the current patch version. There must be a patch version visible.
– Only one work is accepted from one participant.
– It is allowed to process the screenshot with in-game filters PostFX. If you use PostFX, be sure to attach a screenshot of the PostFX settings you are using.

Several winners will be selected and another nomination will be the “Audience Award 👍”, for the most likes.

The winners will receive a “Game equipment set”.
Works will be accepted until DD/MM/YY – 12.11.20.

Hurry up to take part!
We will announce the results and the winners on 13.11.20. @news

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