Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements


– Aiming a GL40 with Reflex sights.
– The position of the character’s body when blind firing was not reset after opening the inventory.
– Blinding was imposed even if the player used a thermal imager.
– The stationary machine gun was removed from its mount if the player used it while in the blindfiring position.
– It was possible to use the tops and bottoms of the opposite faction.
– The nickname could not be changed if the new nickname was 15 characters long.

– The range value of the sight did not change immediately after alignment if the weapon had two sights on it.
– A duplicate weapon could hang behind the player’s back for a few seconds after changing weapons.
– Some pants had the equipped gun hanging outside the holster during the fitting on the Ragman service screen.
– The observer did not see the player checking the fire mode on his weapon.
– Weapon presets:

It was impossible to delete the overwritten preset.
Wrong mods were installed on the weapon if the build was initiated during a save process.

– Failed to redeem all available items in the lot if the player attempted to purchase items over the limit.
– Failed to interact with the inventory in a raid if the player had previously disassembled the weapon via the context menu.
– When reactivating the exit with the hermetic door at the location Reserve, the siren stopped working earlier than it should have.
– The sensitivity while aiming down sights changed when putting and removing sights from the weapon.
– A character was performing a light grenade throw only by double-pressing the RMB.
– Uninformative message about the lack of space in the stash when transferring items from the letter on “Receive all”.
– The “Found in raid” status for the weapon would not update if you would put non-found in raid weapon mod on the gun.
– Incorrect information about the level of mastering in the weapon inspector.

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