Escape from Tarkov Official #eft-announcements

Escapers, here are the patch notes for update 0.12.9:

Added and changed:

– “Woods” expansion.
– Reworked PMC initial gear sets.
– Added customization of head and voice when creating character: for now it’s only two new heads for each faction added. You can’t change head and voice after the character is created. You will be able to do it only after profile reset or wipe.
– Added skill “Immunity”.
– Reworked “Metabolism”.
– Reduced the volume of steps and interaction with vegetation.
– Added chance to cause bleedings to the ammunition. Now some ammo can cause heavy or light bleeding more often than other rounds.
– Now some face shields and glasses will reduce the time of blindness effect from flashbang rounds and grenades.
– Players will be receiving letters with a supply package for the first 7 days of playing.
– Added “All” button in the purchasing menu when buying from dealers via Flea market. Now you can select all available items with a single click.
– Filters in the W-List tab are now modified separately and do not affect other Flea market tabs.
– “Enter” button now confirms the action in most dialogue windows.
– Slot highlighting when dragging items in your inventory can now be turned off.
– Equipped armbands are now unlootable and can’t be lost upon death.
– The letter with the reward for the exit in cooperation with the scav will now come with a slight delay.
– Containers will apply restriction filters to mods installed on the transported object. I.e., putting a mount with a thermal sight installed on it into a secured container is no longer allowed.
– New equipment and clothing is added: PMC tops and bottoms, body armor, rigs, Smoke balaclava, and tops for the Scavs.
– Changed the characteristics of a large number of weapon mods.
– Simplified the Jaeger quests.

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